To a referendum… and beyond !

Namur and its parc Léopold, Brussels and its Dockx/Neo, La Louviere and its Strada, and now Louvain-la-Neuve and its growing Esplanade. New malls seem unstoppable. So far, nor global warming, nor the exponential consumption of our natural resources, nor the growing social inequalities, nor even simply our saturated markets have been able to block their[…]

Message to Greek Pirates

Some time ago, the Greek pirates asked to pass them a message for their convention.   We gladly joined.  The subtitles can be activated in the movie below. Arrr. Fellow Pirates.   First off: we are thankful that the Greek Pirate Party has approached us, and we imagine others, to ask us for a short[…]

“Publish MEP/Lobbyist meetings?” vote results

A vote happened a couple of days ago in the European Parliament, about the revision of the rules of procedure of the EP. One amendment (n°315) stated : “Members should publish online all scheduled meetings with interest representatives falling under the scope of the Transparency register. The Bureau shall provide for necessary infrastructure on Parliament’s webpage.” or[…]

Reaction on Donald Trump election

After the Donald Trump’s electoral victory, it seems important to me to remind us of the Pirate Party’s values and raison d’être. Indeed, the populist discourse seems to power up, first in England, then in the United States, and probably later in France and Germany. Please note that I am talking about populist discourse, and[…]

TINA, I am breaking up with you

Sweet TINA, I’m breaking up with you. Our relationship is far beyond its expiration date. We have experienced good times. But here it ends. Let’s be honest, TINA, you have expensive taste and you’re quite demanding. You’ve given me a lot of wealth, darling, but also a disproportionate amount of stress and headaches. I can[…]

Icelandic Pirate adventures

Today we interviewed Amy, who lived in Iceland twice at a host family for quite some time a couple of years ago. PI: How did you end up 2 times in Iceland? In my teenage years, I listened to heavy metal music and I have always wanted to go to a Scandinavian country to get[…]